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What we do

Enhanced Credit Score Model

Deploy our API solution and review your potential borrowers' credibility, especially if they;

- are recent gradaute with no credit history

- have a poor traditional credit score or very little credit history

- work as freelancer without strong employment history

- are economically dependent or unemployed.

We are a 3rd party credit scoring company using alternatıve data with putting a special emphasis on social networks. We use a holistic approach to really understand individuals' credibility.

By aggregating data about a borrower’s personal, social, professional and financial history, we develop a progressive 360 degree credit score that is very highly correlated to a borrower’s real financial potential.

Yavuz Sunor

Founder - Data Science

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Erin Seda Taner

Co-founder - Marketing

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Ozgur Ilker Agirman

Business Development

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We are dedicated to disrupting traditional credit scoring in order to close the gap between creditworthiness and lending trends. We are working to uncover financial opportunity by leveraging a diverse array of data sources and consumer behavior insights. We believe that data will power the future of lending, and ultimately, we aim to unveil real creditworthiness for each individual borrower and get loans to the people who need them as fast as possible.

who we are

What we do

Alternative credit scoring using social network features


Data collection

Krediskorla takes into account countless data points about each potential borrower from a variety of sources:

  • Payment History

  • Financial Profile

  • Social Network

  • Online Presence

  • Academic Background

credit scoring

Krediskorla uses machine learning algorithms to evaluate individuals' creditworthiness on multiple dimensions and generate a 360-degree credit score that translates into optimized credit offers. 

How it works

How it works
Who we are

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